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Spoiler Alert: The following reveals major plot points of Tuesday night's episode of The Good Wife.

The Good Wife didn't have to step into the courtroom once Tuesday night to provide some major intrigue for viewers.

On the Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) versus Blake (Scott Porter) front, the dueling investigators got as close as they probably ever will to doing the deed. Right after Kalinda received tempting personal (and professional) offers from FBI agent Lana Delaney (Jill Flint) in a dark hotel room, Kalinda only had to walk down the hall to find Blake.

The Good Wife: Kalinda and Blake's "battle royale"

Blake finally revealed his connection to Will (he worked for him at Will's first firm and Will "owes" him) and his true intention for joining Lockhart Gardner Bond. According to Blake, Derrick Bond was planning a takeover and wanted Blake to see who in the firm was a threat and who was an asset.

The two finally shared a passionate kiss before Kalinda put an abrupt end to their slumber party with a quick blow to Blake's chest with that familiar baseball bat. Desperate for breath on the floor, Blake revealed the ultimate shocker: "I found your husband" (!!)

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The episode's other big shocker: Alicia (Julianna Margulies) finally confronted Will (Josh Charles) about his long-lost second voicemail. After realizing she loves Will — thanks to her brother, Owen (Dallas Roberts) — Alicia seemed ready to explore her options outside her marriage. Unfortunately, Will lied to Alicia about the voicemail: "I said I think you made the right decision with Peter and I didn't want us to be uncomfortable." In reality, he'd admitted he'd loved Alicia for 15 years in the second voicemail, but apparently time (and Tammy?) has changed his mind.

What did you think of tonight's big shockers? Will Alicia ever find out what Will really said? And what's next in the plot to uncover Kalinda's past? Sound off below.