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Good Trouble: Who Are Callie and Mariana's New Neighbors?

Meet the tenants of "The Coterie"

Megan Vick

Its officially time to get into some Good Trouble.

Production begins today (June 11) on The Fosters spin-off about Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana's (Cierra Ramirez) adventures in Los Angeles. Now in their mid-twenties, the girls will face the challenges of adulthood, figuring out who they are on their own and navigating the treacherous waters of having to live together.

And that's where this news comes in. The girls will be moving into an apartment complex called The Coterie and TV Guide has learned who will be playing their interesting new neighbors. These are new faces Callie and Mariana will be seeing on a regular basis.

The Fosters Says Goodbye (For Now) With a Tearful Wedding and a New Chapter

Gael (Tommy Martinez): A socially conscious and politically active graphic designer. That's going to come in very handy when Mariana needs graphics help with a new computer program she's coded or when Callie needs someone to draw up flyers for her latest cause.

Malika (Zuri Adele): A whip-smart former foster kid with a penchant for social justice. So basically, she's Callie's grown up soul-mate.

Davia (Emma Hunton): A no holds barred teacher. That "no holds barred" part of the description sounds ominous...but she's a teacher. We'll err on the side of caution and say she's still a do-gooder rather than someone to be afraid of. She's just brash, and let's face it, both Callie and Mariana have been there.

Alice (Sherry Cola): A first-generation Asian American who manages the apartment complex. Let's expect to see a lot of her when Callie and Mariana's first party gets out of control or they inevitably forget to pay their rent on time. #AdultProblems

Good Trouble also adds Roger Bart as Judge Wilson, Callie's new boss who she hopes to influence in a more progressive direction. Ken Kirby will play Benjamin, a conservative clerk working with Callie under Wilson. His similar ideology to Wilson is probably going to cause a lot of frustration for our ambitious lawyer.

There are some curious omissions from the cast list. So far no one from The Fosters but Callie and Mariana have been announced as regulars. Beau Mirchoff, who played Callie's romantic dalliance in The Fosters series finale event, and Elliot Fletcher (Aaron) are also missing, which leaves Callie's romantic life in a very interesting place. Could one of her new neighbors set off a potential spark or do you think she'll be too busy with her new job to find love? Oh come on, this is Callie we're talking about. She always has time to find romance, no matter what craziness is going on around her -- especially with Mariana along for the ride.

Good Trouble is coming soon on Freeform.