Adding insult to the injury of having this year's Golden Globes telecast boiled down into an hour-long news conference, broadcast television also saw itself virtually shut out of grabbing any accolades, as cable TV proved to be the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's favorite child.

Outside of 30 Rock star Tina Fey's win in the best actress/TV comedy race, the rest of the HFPA's loving went to cable, with Mad Men, Extras and Longford topping the best drama, comedy and TV-movie/miniseries categories, respectively. Glenn Close ( Damages) and Jon Hamm ( Mad Men) took home (or rather, will be messengered) honors for best actress and actor in a TV drama, while David Duchovny ( Californication) pulled an upset in the best actor/TV comedy contest. Finishing up cable's near-sweep, Jeremy Piven ( Entourage) and Samantha Morton ( Longford) won in TV's supporting-acting categories.

Film-wise, Atonement, Sweeney Todd and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly won for best drama, comedy/musical and foreign offering.

Check out our complete list of winners and also-rans.

What's your take on it all? Which wins made you smile, which snubs soured you? And what about the very nature of this year's Globes "gala"? Do you actually prefer the lean and mean "news presentation," or did you desperately miss the divine dresses? (The "show" was presented with extreme efficiency on TV Guide Network versus NBC, which broke for commercials every few announcements.)

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