It looks like NBC isn't the only network to get access to the Golden Globes press conference "event" this Sunday. In the wake of reported behind-the-scenes disagreements over how NBC would cover the scaled-down awards proceedings, on Friday the Hollywood Foreign Press Association scrapped the network's exclusive broadcast deal and opened coverage to all electronic media. The deal was widely criticized because of concerns over the potential blurring of news and entertainment, with both NBC newsroom staff and the WGA fearing that a now-somber event would be exploited as only an entertainment "news" show can do.

The HFPA made the initial exclusivity deal with NBC to broadcast the scaled-back event after actors announced they would not cross the picket line to attend the annual award ceremony. Traditionally, the Globes are a large-scale, glam event that kick off the award season - and get Hollywood amped for big wins and big parties. This year, in contrast, will be less the celebratory, Cristal-popping event benefitting pretty much every business in town, and more a monotone press conference (yawn!), where the office coffee will be flowing. - Anna Dimond

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