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David Harbour Promises to Do the Stranger Things Dance if He Wins a Golden Globe

Brace yourself for some awesome dad moves!

Kat Rosenfield

David Harbour straight-up ruined our mood for the week with the news that Stranger Things Season 3 probably won't debut until 2019, so he was going to need to do something to win back the hearts and minds of disappointed fans. But after being nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance as Chief Hopper and making an epic promise on Twitter, it's safe to say that he's back on everyone's list of favorites.

After the news hit that Harbour was in the running for his first ever Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a TV series, he took to Twitter to express his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity. But as much as fans were thrilled to see the actor getting some well-deserved recognition, one user responded by articulating what literally everyone was thinking:

"You have to do THE dance if you win," a fan wrote.

THE dance, of course, is Harbour's most memorable moment from the latest season, in which Chief Hopper gets down with his bad self to the tune of Jim Croce's "You Don't Mess Around with Jim." The scene became the defining meme for Stranger Things' second season, spawning Twitter accounts and video remixes -- and plentiful gifs.


Harbour's response?

Needless to say, Twitter exploded with delight (and no shortage of vows to hold Harbour to his word; remember, bro, FRIENDS DON'T LIE.)

Meanwhile, Harbour stands to win more at the Golden Globes than just a pretty trophy for acting; if he breaks out those sweet dad moves onstage, Winona Ryder's extra-strength reaction from last year's Globes is officially going to be the second-most internet famous Stranger Things awards season moment.

Stranger Things is currently streaming on Netflix.