Stars, they're just like us — even when they're at the Golden Globes.

Many of the nominated at attending stars at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards shared their first jobs in a hilarious montage that spoofed the Screen Actors Guild Awards' "How I got my SAG card" opening. Viola Davis flipped bingo cards. Casey Affleck shoveled snow. Name an odd job, and there's someone in Hollywood who started there too and now they're some of the biggest stars we worship.

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Of course, leave it to Guardians of the Galaxy stud Chris Pratt to bring the humor to an empathetic video. At first, Pratt made jokes about being an actor as his first job and then told the cameraman to come back to him. "I'm just going to make something up, OK?" he asked in his return frame. "I was a...g olf boy? Is that a job?"

Hollywood legend Robert De Niro chimed in, "I was a golf boy."

It just goes to show, your dreams can come true no matter where you come from. And Chris Pratt is really awesome.