Some mysteries are best left unsolved. Take, for instance, the enigma that is Donald Trump's creepy coif. Other unexplained phenomena, however, warrant further investigation — especially when said perplexities occur at a major Hollywood shindig like the 61st annual Golden Globe Awards. Here's what left us scratching our comb-overs Sunday night...

Is Tyra Banks appearing in Matt LeBlanc's spin-off, Joey? The Friends himbo and Victoria's Secret model made a head-turning pair as the presenters for best actress in a TV series, musical or comedy. But when the duo was introduced, it sure sounded like the announcer said Miss Tyra was going to star on Joey. Is she?
"It's not true," says a Friends rep. Adds Banks' spokeswoman: "They said, 'The creator and executive producer of America's Next Top Model and from the upcoming NBC show Joey.' Because they said it quickly, it sounded as if she was doing both. But she's not." Bummer.

Why were Al Pacino and Meryl Streep seated at a table so far from their lesser-known Angels in America costars? Do they think they're special or something?
"There were two Angels in America tables," says an HBO source. "There are only 10 seats per table, and when you factor in each of the nominees' guests, there was no way they would have all fit at one table." Plus, Pacino's ego alone takes up six seats.

Speaking of Angels, when is the five-time Golden Globe-winning miniseries coming out on DVD? Because not everyone has HBO — as in Home Box Office, not Horrible Body Odor. (Tee-hee)
The six-hour epic will arrive on DVD in June. But if you can't wait until then, HBO Signature is currently airing one chapter every Sunday night at 9:30 pm/ET until Feb. 15. What's HBO Signature, you ask? Beats me.

NBC referred to Frasier as "TV's most honored series" in one of its commercials Sunday night. Is that true, or is the Peacock's promo department — which recently dubbed Friends the best sitcom ever — up to its dirty old tricks?
NBC wasn't spinning any tall tales this time around. Last September, Frasier's overall Emmy haul climbed to 31 trophies — an all-time record.

What was the commotion at Johnny Depp's table during Robin Williams' introduction of the Master and Commander clip? Did someone collapse?
Depp's rep had no clue, but advised us "not to worry. I'm sure it was something totally uninteresting." What, me worry? Nah. I'm just praying that everyone is safe. God please tell me everyone is safe. It's the not knowing that's the worst!

So, where was Kirk Douglas?
While accepting his Cecil B. DeMille award, Michael Douglas regretted that his famous father couldn't be there — leading to talk that the 87-year-old acting icon had fallen ill. "Kirk was in Washington Saturday night at a dinner honoring Motion Picture Association of America president Jack Valenti," his rep, Warren Cowan, assures TV Guide Online. "He didn't get back until Sunday afternoon, and it would have been too much. You have to get to the Golden Globes at 4 o'clock." Oh, dang it, I better hurry up.

While we're on the subject of no-shows, where was best-actor nominee Russell Crowe?
The Master and Commander captain was on location in Australia with his wife, Danielle, and their newborn son, Charles Spencer Crowe, his publicist confirms. Clearly, parenthood has gotten his priorities all out of whack!

Why was Renee Zellweger so out of it? The Cold Mountain nominee wouldn't look at the camera when her name was called. Then, she took ages to fish her acceptance speech outta her purse!
"I'm a little... I'm completely discombobulated," she stammered to reporters backstage. "I just flew in from London." FYI, that's where she's been shooting Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

Why was Josh Duhamel limping on stage?
The Las Vegas hottie is still recovering from a torn Achilles tendon he suffered last fall. (Yes, that's why his character on Vegas got shot in the leg.) According to sources, the Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! star was recently fitted with a walking cast and "is progressing nicely."

How awesome did that Sopranos Season 5 trailer look?
Really awesome, confirms an insider (read: me).

In accepting her best supporting actress trophy for Angels in America, a buxom Mary-Louise Parker said her West Wing costar, Janel Maloney, bet her "a thousand dollars" if in her speech she thanked her newborn son for "my boobs looking so good in this dress." So, did she pay up?
"She's mailing Mary-Louise a check today," said Maloney's rep. Which reminds me of the bet I made with Maloney over whether she would make good on her bet with Parker. Janel, that's A-U-S-I... — Additional reporting by Daniel R. Coleridge