Question: When are you going to run your entire interview with Battlestar Galactica exec producer David Eick, as you said you would?

Answer: Um, last Friday, perhaps? But in the spirit of full disclosure, I didn't run the entire interview. I saved a portion of it for this week's Ask Ausiello because I didn't want it to get lost amidst all the other Galactica prattle Eick was dispensing. Here's the portion I saved. Gilmore Girls fans, prepare to piddle uncontrollably.

Ausiello: Are you surprised that the word "frak" has invaded popular culture as it has? It was on Gilmore Girls this season.
David Eick:
Was it? No way!

Ausiello: Yes. Lorelai said it.
Is she the younger girl?

Ausiello: No, she's the mom.
Oh my god. I have a thing for her. I want to meet her. If somehow Lauren Graham's use of the word frak translates into my getting to meet Lauren Graham, I'll do whatever I can. I'll have every character say it every other word from now on.

Ausiello: How about bringing her on as a special guest star?
She can be the new lead if she wants. Just kidding! Adama will kill me!

Ausiello: She could seriously kick some Cylon ass.
That's for sure.