In promos for this season of VH1's The Surreal Life, rapper Da Brat calls Go-Go's gal Jane Wiedlin — a rock-and-roll icon, thank you very much — a has-been. Say whaaat?! We were almost as upset about the insult as the wounded pixie herself. So we didn't even wait until the broadcast of the roommates' indigestible last supper to seek her out for a discussion of how aptly named Da Brat really is. Luckily, she was able to spare a moment of her stay in New Orleans (where she and the band performed this week) to discuss Life's lessons with TV Guide Online.

TV Guide Online: Is it true you're calling from a Mardi Gras float?
Jane Wiedlin:

Laughs] No, the parade is tomorrow. But I heard all the floats are made of papier m&#226ch&#233, and it's been pouring since we got here. I'm slightly confused about what happens when papier m&#226ch&#233 hits monsoonlike rain. But I guess I'm going to find out!

TVGO: If you're like everybody else who ever rode a float, you'll be too drunk to notice.
I know! I totally want to get drunk, but I don't think I can, because I have to do a show afterward. That totally sucks. It should be show first, parade later! I actually told the other girls that I thought we should just [play the gig on the float]. How amazing would that be?

TVGO: Pretty damn. Speaking of amazing things, what the hell are you doing on The Surreal Life? Did you not know what kind of insanity would ensue?
It was very serendipitous, because I saw my first episode ever — the first episode of Season 3 with Brigitte [Nielson] and [Flava] Flav — and I loved it. About three days later, the producers called and offered me Season 4. I immediately said yes! It looked like a lot of fun.

TVGO: Did you learn anything from the experience?
Yes — alcohol is bad! No, I still think alcohol is good after all that. I learned... [Thinks] I learned I'm not as crazy as I think I am. There are people way crazier than me. I went in thinking, "I'm such a weirdo!" and by the time I left, I was thinking I was the poster child for sanity!

TVGO: That must have been a shock.
Yeah, it's kind of disturbing, because I always thought I was interesting!

TVGO: Personally, I find it disturbing that in the previews, Da Brat calls you — a true always-is — a has-been.
I hope when they finally show that episode, they show the whole thing. She called everyone, including me, has-beens, like, the first day; I didn't mind that, because she didn't know anybody, right? Fair enough. But then we spent two weeks together in the trenches, and when she was asked about it, she said, "Oh, I stand by my decision." And I just thought it was really rude. Really impolite. And second of all, I thought we were friends — or at least friendly! So that was very strange. But I'm totally over it now. And I'm so sick of looking at myself all weepy and whiny.

TVGO: As a fan, I didn't like seeing you cry, either! Your last album, Kissproof World, was slammin'. Can we expect a follow-up anytime soon?
[Dejectedly] No. It's too heartwrenching doing the solo thing. I throw myself into it and get so excited, and then 2000 people buy it and you're, like, "Oh. I guess it's not that good after all." When your feelings get hurt for 28 years, you kind of become a little more practical about it.

TVGO: What about the 2000 of us that ran out and bought it?
Well, this [is what] I am going to do: I'm going to get my website back up, and I think I'm just going to start putting songs one at a time on it, so people can download them if they want to. That way, it's not as big a deal as making an entire record and investing years doing this one thing. It'll be more like, "Oh, I've got a new song... I'll just throw it on the Internet!" It's so modern to do that! [Laughs]

TVGO: What about the Go-Go's movie? Happening or not?
It got kiboshed, for a number of reasons. I think the biggest one is that some people in the band want it to be a tell-all and others don't. I don't know how you can get past that kind of division in the band. In my mind, I say, "Tell everybody everything! It's such a great story, and there's so much dirt!" But other people are concerned because they have kids; I understand their point of view, but...

TVGO: Oh, come on! It's not like it's going to ruin your reputations.
[Laughs] Reputation?! [Guffaws] Believe me, I've totally blown any kind of so-called reputation I may have had. I really don't care. I think that's one of the joys of getting older; you just stop caring about things like that.