Chord Overstreet, Sarah Jessica Parker Chord Overstreet, Sarah Jessica Parker

Ryan Murphy sure knows how to make an entrance. The showrunner behind Glee, American Horror Story and NBC's upcoming comedy The New Normal has only been on Twitter for a day, but he seems to be taking to the 140-character format very quickly.

In his first day on the social networking site, the Emmy winner posted revealing behind-the-scenes pictures from two of his shows — one of  Lea Michele with guest star Kate Hudson and the other of new American Horror Story cast member Adam Levine posing with an image known only as "bloody face." Here are six more spoilers Murphy shared with Gleeks Tuesday:

1. Someone is calling it quits! Murphy said the upcoming Glee episode he's most excited about is called "The Break-Up." After last year's graduation, several couples could be in serious danger, including Kurt and Blaine, Brittany and Santana, and Mike and Tina. But then again, Murphy loves a good curveball, so perhaps Will and Emma won't make it down the aisle after all?

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2. Sam's getting a new gal! One couple that is definitely on the outs is Mercedes and Sam, which makes sense since Mercedes will be pursuing a recording career 2,000 miles away in Los Angeles. Murphy confirmed that Sam will have a new girlfriend, adding, "Guess who it is!" After Trouty Mouth's relationships with Quinn, Santana and Mercedes, whoever it is has big shoes to fill.

3. The first group song is...  The show has already covered several hits from Adele's best-selling 21 album ("Rolling in the Deep," and that "Rumor Has It"/"Someone Like You" mash-up to name a few), but this season Glee will pay homage to one of the singer's older songs — her breakthrough single, "Chasing Pavements."

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4. Glee is entering the world of high fashion. Murphy revealed that Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour has been helping with Sarah Jessica Parker's costumes and also hinted that Rachel could use a makeover from the longtime Sex and the City star. When a fan lamented that viewers had seen Kurt cry too much and that he should be happy, Murphy responded, "I agree with you! Kurt will triumph at" and added a winking smiley face.

5. Pass the gravy! Murphy said the writers are planning a two-part Thanksgiving episode. "Sectionals happens during Turkey Time this year!" If New Directions loses, that will be one heck of a Black Friday.

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6. The return of Holly Holiday? When asked about a possible return appearance by everyone's favorite Mary Todd Lincoln impressionist, Murphy said Gwyneth Paltrow is welcome back any time and then asked what readers thought about pairing Gwyneth Paltrow with Hudson.

In other Glee news,  the show has added two more new faces to its cast for Season 4. Newcomer Becca Tobin and Melissa Benoist (Homeland) will play new McKinley High students Kitty and Marley, respectively, according to TVLine.

Which couple do you think is breaking up? Who should Sam date? Sound off on these spoilers and more below!