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Max Adler won't say if Glee's Dave Karofsky, the closeted jock who planted a big wet one on Kurt last year, will be back this season — but it sure sounds like he will.

"There have been discussions," Adler tells "I can say, definitely stay tuned and please watch because it will be pretty neat."

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"Karofsky's story line wasn't completely resolved after the prom episode. I feel like there's more to look at and discover with him and his struggles," Adler continues. "Is he going to overcome it? Or is he going to give up on himself and hide in the shadows? ... I feel like it would be nice for Karofsky to have a happy ending and a resolution. But at this point I don't know where they're going to take him. There could be a totally different lesson in there to be learned that I don't even see yet."

On this week's episode of The Glee Project, Adler will be teaching a lesson of his own to the remaining seven contestants. As a guest mentor, he'll be schooling the kids on the importance of tenacity. " I came on Glee with two lines in one episode, and that's all it was," he says. "It's been episode to episode ever since, there's never been a guarantee for me. Maybe that's why they brought me in for tenacity week."

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To test that tenacity, the kids will be getting — what else? — slushees in the face. Adler says that wasn't always the plan. The original challenge was to sing while being bombarded with... bubbles. "The kids were supposed to sing through all these bubbles, but that fell flat. No one was thrown off (laughs). You barely noticed they were there." The producers came up with slushees instead. "We threw different things at them, too. You'll see how else we changed it up."

But the contestants still brought it, apparently, and then some. "The tension level is very high, I could sense that when I walked in," Adler says. "It flashed me back to the time right before I got Glee, that insatiable hunger. You just dig from deep down and find the energy to keep going. They all did that. When they shot the music video, it was a 5 p.m. call time and they kept working 'til the sun came up."

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As for the winner, Adler says the prize is well deserved — and the person already has fans in the cast. "This person definitely fought very hard. I think they're going to fit right in," he says. "The Glee actors I've already talked to about the winner were all excited. We don't really have anybody on the show like this person." Future mentors from the cast include Jenna Ushkowitz, Mark Salling and Ashley Fink.

No hints as to who the lucky recruit is, but Adler has nice things to say about all the contestants left: "Samuel's got that amazing intensity and sexuality and talent. Hannah's got that smile that can light up a room. Alex shines, and how often do you find someone with a voice like that? Damian is going to be a star no matter what happens for him... " Read into that what you will.

Check out a preview of Sunday's new episode of The Glee Project, airing at 9/8c on Oxygen.