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A new Glee romance may be taking center stage soon.

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"My character [gets] a little love interest," says Kevin McHale, who plays Artie Abrams, the only glee member in a wheelchair. Though McHale wouldn't say who the lady is, he did drop a few hints.

"It's somebody that's already introduced and we already know. The two of them hit it off because they have something in common about themselves." 

McHale also says the upcoming episode, "Wheels," has a more serious side as it focuses on his character's limitations. "There are a lot of harsh laughs. I think it's probably the most moving [episode] in terms of the seriousness of it," says McHale. 

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In the episode, Mr. Schu encourages his glee club to raise money for wheelchair accessible transport costs to regionals for Artie (who performs a poignant "Dancing with Myself" solo this week). The group also rallies behind their handicapped friend by performing a high-adrenaline, wheelchair number together. And let's just say it's set to a very fitting tune.

"You also get a little back story on why Artie is in a wheelchair," says McHale.

Overall, McHale says he's happy to represent a character in a wheelchair on TV. "I think what's great about it is just because he's in a wheelchair, he can still do what everyone else does," says McHale.

But contrary to popular belief, all those wheelie-poppin' moves during performances haven't done much for McHale's upper body strength.

"Everyone always asks me if I have arm muscles now," says McHale. "Nope. Still weak. I have a light wheelchair and I'm not heavy enough to actually gain any muscle, so I'm not getting anywhere!"