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As if trying to break up marriages and squash kids' dreams isn't enough, Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester will take her antics to the next level when Glee returns April 13. Lynch tells that Sue's plans are getting more devious, including sexual blackmail. Plus: brace yourself for a possible romance with Neil Patrick Harris and duet with Olivia Newton-John.

Glee scoop: Breakups, shake-ups and more! How will Sue make her way back after being suspended in the midseason finale?
Jane Lynch:
A little bit of blackmail on Principal Figgins [Iqbal Theba] and she's back in. Easily done. She can do anything she wants now. Sue Sylvester cannot be stopped. She's got Figgins in her pocket now because she blackmailed him. Sexual blackmail. You should be scared for him. Will she be more ruthless now?
Oh yeah, she's been knocked down a few times so she comes roaring back. [Co-executive producer] Ian Brennan created Sue Sylvester and just pushes her to the most delicious extremes. I go really far.

Wait for it! Neil Patrick Harris to guest on Glee Neil Patrick Harris is coming in as Brian Ryan, a foil for Will (Matthew Morrison). Do Brian Ryan and Sue Sylvester get along?
He comes back as an ex-glee clubber who has given up music and is very resentful that he didn't become a very big star, so he sets out to destroy the glee club like me, so I'm happy to see it done. Will gets him to do karaoke and wakes the beast that wants to be a star again so he says the glee club is fabulous and gives all of my money to the glee club and cuts me out. I have words with him, but we end up seeing eye-to-eye, and I'm winking as I'm telling you that because there's a little chemistry between Brian Ryan and Sue Sylvester. Just a little bit. What sort of antics are coming up for Sue?
She's just always trying to hurt somebody. She always has a moment of "I will get that glee club." It's more of the same, but I think she's a little more desperate. Mercedes [Amber Riley] and Kurt [Chris Colfer] defect and come over to the cheerios; they stay on glee, but I give them solos, so they prefer me. I'm trying to break it up anyway I can. How far will Sue take it this time?
I've got Kurt and Mercedes already, and I'm trying to split up Rachel [Lea Michele] and Finn [Cory Monteith] by making Rachel fall in love with somebody from Vocal Adrenaline. Hopefully when he breaks up with her it will break her heart and it will ruin the club, because they can't win without Rachel.

Murphy: Glee's second season will be supersized What would you say is the direction of the season's second half?
It's more ambitious! In "The Power of Madonna" episode, we have 10 songs. We have more songs per episode and it's a huge amount of work because it's like shooting a music video for each one. It's basically more of the same of Sue trying to take over the glee club, but there is relationship drama coming. People get together, people break up, so there's always that soap opera thing going on. I have to ask about Sue's big duet with Olivia Newton-John. How does that come about?
A video that Sue did, that I made just for myself performing jazzercise routines, gets on YouTube; the kids find it and put it on there and I'm humiliated. People are laughing at me and of course Sue has never experienced that in life. Olivia Newton-John sees it ... calls her and says, "Look, I made a fool out of myself doing my 'Physical' video back in 1980 ..." It was a bad video. [Laughs] So Olivia Newton-John is making fun of herself going, "Give me a break, it was one of the first videos ever made. So let's redeem ourselves and remake the 'Physical' video and make it better than before for a new generation of kids." So we remake the "Physical" video!

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