Cory Monteith and Lea Michele Cory Monteith and Lea Michele

What will Rachel's answer be?

That's what gleeks everywhere are no doubt wondering following Tuesday's helluva cliff-hanger: Finn, still directionless and newly hit with a boatload of bad news about his dad, got down on one knee and asked Rachel to marry him! quizzed Glee star Cory Monteith about whether or not Finchel will soon be walking down the aisle, the Bee Gees tribute episode, singing en español, the movie he's producing for Fox 2000, another Glee tour and more!

Oh, and he'll "definitely" be back for Season 4. Yay!

So, what are you allowed to tell us about Rachel's answer?
Cory Monteith:
She provides her answer — in true Glee form — in song. We pick up where we left off tonight in the following episode. [Editor's note: The next new episode airs on Jan. 31 — and it's the Michael Jackson tribute!]

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And it will be either "yes" or "no," correct?
Correct, it is a definite answer. But, you know how kids are. I don't think it's going to be as simple as they think. I suspect there's more down the road. Her answer is shocking, I can tell you that.

Finn has one of the stronger storylines this season, being unsure about his future after high school. Is his proposal to Rachel an extension of his feeling lost?
Absolutely. It's not only him grasping at straws to maintain the relationship, but I think that's definitely part of it. It's equal parts Finn not knowing what he wants and Rachel being the best thing going in his life — coupled, of course, with him actually being in love with her. But I think it's all a little more complex than Finn thinks it is. He's got a very idealistic point of view of how [getting married] should go down and how it will go down. He doesn't understand — as no 17- or 18-year-old would — how difficult it's going to be.

Will the other glee clubbers find out about the proposal?
Yes! There's one stirring scene in particular with Finn and Kurt — a "I thought we were supposed to be brothers" moment. There will be the kind of reaction that you would expect. Also, I think Finn is going to be on the learning curve of "Oh, it wasn't just as simple as proposing and her saying yes." There's a lot more to it.

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Here's hoping the big news means more scenes with Finn's mom, Carole, and Burt, which are always great.
Scenes with Chris and Lea, scenes with Burt and Carole, those are the great scenes!... Those are really where a lot of the better acting gets done, not to say anything bad about the other scenes. One of the most exciting things about Finn's proposal is that implies that a lot of good stuff will be coming down the road for Finn and Rachel and his parents and Kurt and everybody.

What was your reaction when you read in the script that Finn would be popping the big question?
I freaked out and called Lea. We were both floored and kind of blindsided by it. It makes sense, but it was like, "Is this actually happening?" It's sort of been a long time coming, and it felt like the right timing. I think [the episode's] got some of my better work on the show. For me, it was really exciting to be able to have that scene with her. I have so much history with Lea and so much to draw from in terms of these characters.

Glee boss Ryan Murphy said he'd love for the show's Bee Gees tribute to include a dream sequence where you get to dance with John Travolta. Thoughts?
Yes, please! I really hope that happens because it would be amazing, just as a look-back-on-your-life-when-you're-50 kind of thing. I hope Ryan goes through with it and I hope that they ask John and I hope he says yes! I've got my fingers crossed at this point — I'm just an actor, you know.

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Coach Sue's supportive side has been on full display two episodes in a row now. With her campaign over, where does she go from here?
I actually don't know. The scripts come out a couple of days before we shoot the episodes; today we're working on a couple of different episodes, we're wrapping up the Ricky Martin episode and we're shooting a Valentine's Day episode as well. I think it's really interesting to see the softer side of Sue, to see a character that's "the bad guy" switch gears a little bit. Jane can handle it. She's brilliant.

The Ricky Martin episode! Do you get to sing anything in Spanish?
I sure do!

What do you get to sing?
I can't say anything about it yet. It's not a solo, but it's really goofy and awesome.

Can you reveal anything about the other winner of The Glee Project, Samuel Larsen? Is he coming on the show soon?
Monteith: Yeah, he's here today. I can confirm he's here, but we haven't been formally introduced yet. His is a very interesting role and it ties into a lot of preexisting storylines. It feels very natural. It's a smart way to bring him into the show. I hear he's very talented.

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Murphy had previously told us his character would be a relative of Puck's.
I do not know if that's true yet. He joins the show in the Valentine's Day episode.

Are you guys going to go on tour again this summer? Do you want to? Outside of Glee, you're in a band and working on movies...
There are a lot of different things I want to do. The tour was a really exciting part of what the fans really wanted to see. There's definitely a demand for it. I really don't know what... it's kind of like, I show up where they tell me to. I really don't know!

What's the status of the movie you're producing and starring in for Fox 2000?
It's still in full-effect. We're working on the second writer's draft at the moment. It's in development and moving along nicely. I think it's fast-tracked or something because things really seem to be cooking. We're starting to get into specifics about characters, some neat action sequences... It's been really, really exciting to be a part of producing something like this.

Can you tell us what it's about?
It's a heist film centered around an ensemble of interns in a financial institution — think Madoff. It's St. Elmo's Fire meets Ocean's Eleven.

What do you think, Gleeks? Are you hoping Rachel and Finn tie the knot? Sound off in the comments below.