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Move over, Sam and Shane. There's a new romantic rivalry heating up the hallways of McKinley High on Glee just in time for Valentine's Day.

"Sugar is going to be in the middle of a love triangle," Vanessa Lengies tells "Rory and Artie fight back and forth the entire time for Sugar's hand."

In Tuesday's episode (8/7c, Fox), Sugar's dad throws her a huge party at Breadstix — soon to be renamed Sugar Shack — in honor of her favorite holiday. All of New Directions is invited to the bash — but not without one stern marching order from their hostess: No singles allowed!

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The warning is odd considering Sugar herself has been riding solo since she first popped up in September. However, her sudden desire for a date will bring out both Rory and Artie's A-games when they each try to win her heart — in true Glee style — with song. "Kevin McHale's serenade was one of the hottest things that I've seen on the show," Lengies says. "He used to be in a boy band and I grew up completely obsessed with boy bands. He just pulled out every move that was fully engrained in my childhood and teen years."

Suffice it to say, there's a clear winner of the Sugar showdown in Lengies' eyes. "Damian [McGinty]'s such a great guy. The other day, I had a really hard day on set because of family issues and he totally comforted me," Lengies says. "But Sugar, in my mind, was definitely won over more by Artie."

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No matter who gets the last dance, New Directions' newest power couple won't last long.  "My take is that Sugar doesn't even care about being in a relationship. She just cannot be seen single at this party," Lengies says. "But I really never know what the producers have planned."

Glee producers have been keeping Lengies on her toes all season. Since appearing in the Season 3 premiere in what was supposed to be a one-time role, producers have kept asking her back one episode at a time. (She has now appeared in nine of 13). Consequently, Sugar has slowly evolved from a tone-deaf punch line into a recurring character infamous for splitting up the glee club. However, Lengies insists Sugar's diva antics are behind her. "When she joined the glee club, she just realized that's that what she loves to do. Sugar represents the people out there who maybe can't sing, but love it," Lengies says.  "I'm only realizing this now because I didn't know she was going to stick around this long. This character just embodies what Glee is, because it's all about acceptance."

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Although the continued gig has been a pleasant surprise, the arrangement isn't without a few hitches. For instance, Lengies booked a family vacation unaware that Sugar had been written into the Michael Jackson tribute episode and subsequently had to miss the big episode. "It's like earning a new job every week," she says excitedly. "Did I make it? Did I not? I don't know!"

Lengies' last series role, on TNT's now-canceled HawthoRNe, was a one-episode appearance that turned into a three-season job, so she's more than happy to put in the extra work. "I practiced all weekend for regionals," she says of the extensive choreography.  "I'm not a dancer, but I want to make sure that I don't let anybody down."

Her Glee future remains unclear, but Lengies is embracing the moment nonetheless. "During HawthoRNe, I was constantly trying not to be too outrageous and keep it serious. This has been so refreshing for me because it's such a good outlet for the inner me to just be," she says. "That's the whole point of Glee anyways — to just be who you are and that's enough. I really feel that way on set."

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