Jane Lynch Jane Lynch

All I'm saying is it's about damn time. On November 15, Glee will finally reveal why Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) hates musical theater. As the kids prepare to stage West Side Story, "we wanted to show that Sue at one point had Broadway dreams," teases exec producer Ian Brennan.

A flashback shows 16-year-old Sue on stage belting out the title song from Oklahoma!, a performance savaged by one brutal critic. "Her little heart was broken," sighs Jane. "Will tells Sue, 'Poor little Susie Sylvester was told she wasn't good, and now she's got to punish the world.' Like a lot of angry people out there, Sue's a wannabe."  

Glee cast 19-year-old Colby Minifie for the part of young Sue. "I think they did a terrific job casting," raves Jane. "She has a great voice and energy."

Also coming up is the election of the students' class president, which coincides with Sue's congressional bid. "People are voting for both elections in the school, with signs pointing voters in different directions," says Ian, who promises that the final results take "a very surprising twist."

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