Glee Glee

McKinley High is getting an influx of new students. According to TVLineGlee is adding five major new characters for its final season. Meet the new sophomores below:

Roderick: "A true goober," no one would guess this chubby, shy kid has a voice like Otis Redding.

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Spencer: McKinley's new football star who's described as "post-Glee gay," according to TVLine. Meaning, no one bullies Spencer over his sexuality because he isn't afraid to kick their butts. Progress?

Jane: Excluded from the Warblers due to her gender, the "unconventionally pretty" and ambitious Jane heads to the New Directions. She's also funny in a "doesn't have much of a sense of humor" way, whatever that means.

Mason and Madison: The latest addition to the Cheerios, these twins are overly positive and super weird, per TVLine. And while Mason's cheer habit and general "gay vibe" lead many to make assumptions about his sexuality, he's actually straight.

What are your impressions of the new characters? Glee returns midseason on Fox.

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