Glee Glee

Glee may have recently hit 100 episodes, but the celebration is over. Fox has reduced the current fifth season from 22 episodes to 20, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

The decision stems from the production hiatus at the start of the season following the death of star Cory MonteithTHR says the network might film the two cut episodes early to help promote a possible 24-episode final season next year.

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Though Glee has already been renewed, its ratings have been steadily dropping, recently falling below 3 million viewers, but Fox still has faith in the musical dramedy.

"Glee is still a great property to have on our air," Fox COO Joe Earley says. "There have been some scheduling challenges ... but what we see is still an incredibly popular show with a lot of time-shifting."

Are you sad about Glee's shortened season?