Naya Rivera, Dianna Agron Naya Rivera, Dianna Agron

And that's how you come out in Lima Heights Adjacent. It wasn't until Finn brought out her competitive edge (hello, sectionals!) that Santana considered re-entering Mr. Schue's choir room and letting her friends help her out of the closet. And even then, she didn't get any warm fuzzies after being serenaded with Kurt and Blaine's cutesy performance of Pink's equally earnest "F---in' Perfect" because being gay doesn't mean she's going soft.

Instead, after Finn created a safe haven for her to the sounds of the more appropriate "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," Santana paraded proudly down the halls of McKinley, ladies in tow, to the no-shame anthem "I Kissed a Girl." Abuela hasn't come around yet, because not everyone can be Burt Hummell, but it was so nice to see her show Brittany some affection outside of Breadsticks.

Because we so enjoyed this week's Glee — and because we're still in the Thanksgiving spirit as we polish off Turkey Day leftovers — eight other things we're super thankful for in no particular order (Psycho Quinn, you are not one of them):

1. Both elections are over. Sue's congressional campaign only stuffed her further down the rabbit hole of insanity — Sue's best at McKinley dealing with McKinley-sized enemies. As for the student body election... at least we got Brittany's "Run the World (Girls)" out of it. Wonder how much of Brittany's new pro-sugar, anti-tornado policies we'll see enacted at McKinley.

2. Coach Bieste's singing debut with "Jolene" (because we don't acknowledge "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer," and neither should you). The song was a great choice for those deep vocals, and dammit, didn't it just break your heart? We would never have picked Bieste and Sue for a love triangle, but it works brilliantly as Bieste continues to embrace her uniqueness and Sue finds something besides New Directions to obsess over.

3. We'll always have Mr. Schue's facial expressions. He's been given a great big nothing to do so far, unless you count inviting Emma's ginger supremacist parents over and then singing her off the ledge after, and whatever it was that he did as Burt's "campaign manager." But at least we still get some priceless reaction shots. Watching him rock out to Puck's "I'm the Only One" in that cheesy way only Mr. Schue can was still gold.

4. Shelby and Santana. k.d. Lang's "Constant Craving." The end. We're still not sure what to feel watching Shelby hook up with Puck, besides slightly mortified. But listening to Shelby sing about it in the most perfect closing song possible for this episode? Yes, please. Bonus points for a nice (but brief) cameo from Kurt, now struggling to find his place after losing the election and watching his father win.

5. Rachel won't compete in Sectionals. Hold on! Here's why: Every year there has to be something to make Sectionals difficult for New Directions (the lack of Mr. Schue, Kurt joining the Warblers). This year we've got The Troubletones vs. a Rachel-less New Directions. That's interesting.

6. Every single song in the episode. That said, we're calling for a moratorium on Katy Perry. (Unless Artie gets to do the Kayne West rap on "E.T.")

7. Finn's back and better than ever. Just us or does he actually have the best stuff this season? It was no fun going several episodes without hearing a solo, but now we've got an entertaining bromance between Finn and Rory, dashed college dreams, potential heartbreak with New York-bound Rachel, growing animosity for golden boy Blaine, and tonight, the earnest way he reached out to Santana.

8. The slam on Blaine's "hideous bow ties." Just because he doesn't have his Warbler Wear, doesn't mean he needs to dress like a clown.

In the same spirit of giving, a speedy list of things we're not so grateful for: An overall lack of Rory (by our count, the kid only has 4 episodes left!)...Rachel not having enough common sense to stuff the ballot box with, er, fewer ballots... Schue-Be-Do-Be-Do, where are you?... The decision to make Quinn a raving lunatic (Puck's speech was nice, but she was a mean girl last spring, not an insane one.)

What did you think of Santana's coming out? What kind of a president do you think Brittany will make? Can Sectionals happen without Rachel? How can this Shelby and Puck thing end except for badly? Why are the writers doing what they're doing to Quinn? Tell us in the comments.