Heather Morris and Chord Overstreet Heather Morris and Chord Overstreet

Ryan Murphy teased a big wedding on Glee this season, but are Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Brittany (Heather Morris) really the ones swapping vows?

On Friday, Murphy tweeted a photo of the rumored soon-to-be couple in wedding attire, along with the caption, "The Wedding Of The Year," but we have our doubts as to what's really going on in the picture.

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First off, the showrunner previously said that the Glee wedding would take place during the Valentine's Day episode, but the series is currently filming its Christmas episode.Plus: If Sam and Brit were to walk down the aisle, do you really think they'd do it in what appears to be McKinley High's locker room? We'd hope not! At least step it up to Breadstix.What do you think's happening in the picture? Do you want Sam and Brittany to get together?