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Remember Rachel and Puck? Check Out Our Glee Relationship Road Map

We still can't believe Finn lost his virginity to Santana!

Kate Stanhope

"Is she really going out with him?"Gleenever covered that catchy '70s hit, but it's a question that probably went through the minds of the show's fans over and over (and over) again. For all the time the kids of New Directions spent dancing and singing to the greatest love songs of all time - and occasionally studying? - Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Tina and even Mr. Schue sure found plenty of time to do some in-depth research about the subject and get around Lima like there's no tomorrow.

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That last part will soon be true, and with Glee's series finale just days away (Friday, 8/7c, Fox), TVGuide.com decided to look at the New Directions' many hookups, breakups, make-ups and even that one time Sue married, and then divorced, herself.


Glee's series finale airs Friday at 8/7c on Fox. Which couplings are your favorite? Which freaked you out the most?