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So that's why the episode was called "Choke."

Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) did just that on Tuesday's Glee when she completely messed up the lyrics to "Don't Rain on My Parade" not once, but twice during her much-anticipated audition for NYADA. Instead of belting her heart out to the Funny Girl classic, as she did when she gave a triumphant performance of the song at sectionals in Season 1, she flubbed the lines and then started sobbing on stage before she was curtly dismissed by Carmen (Whoopi Goldberg). All it took was one gunshot and bam! — Rachel's dreams of moving to New York to conquer NYADA alongside Kurt (Chris Colfer) now seem dashed for good. So what should she do instead?

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There is obviously still a chance that Rachel could find herself at NYADA. This is a) TV b) Glee and c) Rachel friggin' Berry, after all. But why have her botch the audition so badly just to have everything magically work out in the end? Hopefully, the writers have something better for the soon-to-be-Mrs. Hudson planned. But until we find out that top-secret intel, we've come up with some alternatives for Rachel to consider after high school. 

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