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Not since last summer, when Ryan Murphy said that Rachel, Finn and Kurt would be graduating on Glee and leaving the show (and then quickly took it all back), has the fate of a Glee cast member been so hotly followed.

So when the Fox musical returned from a two-month hiatus Tuesday, it wasted no time in revealing what happened to Quinn (Dianna Agron) after her PSA-in-the-making car crash. Spoiler alert! After we learn that Rachel and Finn didn't exchange "I dos," Quinn is seen rolling — yes, rolling — down the halls of McKinley High in a wheelchair to the tune of "I'm Still Standing."

Glee poll: What do you think will happen to Quinn?

At first, the former head Cheerio is surprisingly upbeat about her condition — she could have ended up as one of those depressing memorial pages in the yearbook, after all. But after further exploration, Quinn might be a little too upbeat about her chances of dancing at Nationals and walking across the stage to get her diploma at graduation. Is she refusing to face the reality of her situation? Or is it only a matter a time before she's walking again?

The good news about Quinn's condition? It gives Artie (Kevin McHale) his most substantial arc this season (rather than quizzing McKinley High staffers about their sexual escapades). The two have a nice back and forth and it's refreshing to see Glee explore outside of New Directions' conventional pairings. Will it turn into something more romantic? Do you want it to?

What do you think of Quinn's wheelbound situation? Do you like that Artie now has someone he can really relate to? Do you think Quinn should end up in a wheelchair permanently? Or should Miss Fabray make a full recovery after all of her bad luck these past three seasons? Sound off with your thoughts on Tuesday's episode below.