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When Chris Colfer learned Glee would air right after the Super Bowl, his first reaction was: "What's a Super Bowl?"

But seriously, he was floored. Producers made sure that the episode would be a big one, befitting its lead-in, and the budget quickly surpassed that of the Madonna tribute, up until now the show's most expensive production.

"I'm so surprised there were no fatalities out of that episode because it is insane," Colfer said Wednesday during the Television Critics Association winter previews. "It's by far the most expensive episode we've ever done. There was one scene where they were filming and they had two ambulances on standby, which is two more ambulances than they usually have. It's a big one."

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Here's why: Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and Katy Perry's "California Gurls" are among the songs featured, and both will include intricate pyrotechnics — hence the ambulances — says Jane Lynch.

"It's like, how can we top ourselves and how can this get any bigger?" Matthew Morrison adds.

Lynch reveals that Coach Sue will have an ultimatum backfire on her in the episode. Spoiler alert:

"My star Cheerios leave me for the Glee club," she says. "I make them choose: You either come with me and do this routine, or stay here and do the half-time routine with the glee club. They choose the glee club, so I don't have a team and I have to forfeit Nationals. That's why Katie Couric interviews me as the year's biggest loser."

It all leads to Sue joining New Directions in an upcoming episode where she'll partake in a dance number set to a My Chemical Romance song. Whether that means she's joined the club for honest reasons remains to be seen. "Sometimes she's sincere and sometimes she's not," Lynch says. "She's like Glenn Close in Damages. You never know where she's coming from."

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While delighted fans will be looking forward to the post-Super Bowl episode, star Matthew Morrison will actually be at the big game. Morrison, who is rooting for the Steelers, says whether the Pittsburgh-based team wins or loses, he'll have to jump on a plane immediately and fly back to shoot Glee.

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(Additional reporting by Hanh Nguyen)