Cameron, Ryan Murphy Cameron, Ryan Murphy

A renewal is not yet official, but The Glee Project executive producer Michael Davies says he's already gearing up.

"Talks have begun. A lot of the planning is starting to happen," Davies said Tuesday during Oxygen's fall TV preview. "No, it's not official, but given the ratings growth" and success on multiple platforms — Oxygen, Hulu, VOD, etc. — "I feel incredibly confident that we're coming back," he said.

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Davies said budget talks are already underway and producers are considering possible tweaks to the casting process. "The show is certainly in my plans for next year," he said.

Also appearing on the panel in front of reporters was Cameron Mitchell, who in Sunday's episode withdrew from the competition after feeling too uncomfortable with some of the show's acting challenges — specifically, kissing other contestants — to continue.

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Mitchell said he'd never acted before auditioning for The Glee Project. "Maybe I was a bit naïve in that area," he said, adding that he knew that Glee is chock-full of sexual themes. "I knew there was a possibility [that I'd have to kiss someone]... But [leaving] was the decision I decided to make."

"I don't regret my decision at all," Mitchell said.

No hints, of course, about who wins the show — the finale airs Aug. 21 — but Davies said the winner might not be who viewers expect. "[Glee executive producer] Ryan Murphy goes on a journey. His opinions changed" throughout the competition, he said. "Where he finally gets to in terms of who he thinks he can write for on Glee [is different]. It wasn't predetermined."

So... not Damian?

The Glee Project airs Sundays at 9/8c on Oxygen.