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Between all the pointy collars, gold chains, falsetto singing and one-piece jumpsuits, three members of New Directions got some clarity about what to do with their lives after they graduate from McKinley.

On Glee, a week of disco will do that for ya.

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We've known for what seems like eons that Kurt and Rachel are going to make a go of Broadway. (Next up? NYADA auditions! Will Whoopi let them loose in New York?) Mike Chang's been accepted into Harvard, Quinn's going to Yale (and we're gonna assume she'll walk around campus or wheel around because, of course, they have ramps!), and Puck wants to head West to the land of plentiful pools, California.

That leaves the stars of Tuesday's "Saturday Night Gleever": the seemingly lost Mercedes, Santana and Finn. Mr. Schue decided all they needed to clear their heads was some good old strutting. And it worked! Mercedes reveals she does have vision for herself, one so hot it's like a freaking inferno! (A "Disco Inferno"!) "My dream is Mariah, Whitney, Aretha... to be like them, to sing big, fat, juicy hits that inspire people," she says. She tells Mr. Schue she's just unsure how her talent measures up outside of Ohio. Sam, who won't take no for an answer, proves to her how big her talent really is by uploading his secretly recorded video of "Disco Inferno" for all of the Internet to see. And the commenters are especially kind. Then? Smooch time! Sam wins. Sorry, Shane.

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The ever-confident Santana, confident even in an ill-fitting jumpsuit, sings "If I Can't Have You" about her ultimate goal: fame. She doesn't care how she gets there (holla, Kim Kardashian!), but she'll get there. Brittany takes her literally and distributes a sex tape of the couple because what faster way is there to having everyone know your name? Then she offers to help train Santana in her quest for celebrity, i.e. she should probably learn to eat gross things like they do on Fear Factor. This is enough to shake Santana out of her superficial pursuits, and she decides college — she has a full-ride cheerleading scholarship, surprise! — doesn't seem like such a bad option.

Then there's Finn, who's been lost since the start of Glee. He thought about a football scholarship, joining the military, working in Burt's car shop and more recently teaming with Puck on his pool business in California. He rules out a life bunking with Puck pretty early because he's super in love with Rachel. Rachel in turn has a change of heart and decides she wants to consider Finn's dreams too, and not railroad him into going to New York. As proof, she serenades him with "How Deep Is Your Love," because serenading is what she does. After the school counselors weigh in, Finn decides what he really wants — nay, what he's always wanted — is to act! It just took John Travolta's Tony Manero (thanks Mr. Schue!) to really inspire him. First he sings "More Than a Woman" and then he tells Rachel he's applied to what he calls that school that James Lipton hosts on Bravo, Inside the Actors Studio (better known as the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University).

So what do you think Glee fans: Will these three get their wishes? Do you think the show will follow their lives outside of graduation? Should Mercedes try and head straight for the recording studio? Will Santana really be satisfied with the collegiate experience? Wait, and would she really move to Kentucky? Is Finn serious about acting, or is this all Rachel's influence? Sound off below.

The week's bonus shout-out goes to Alex Newell, one of the two runners-up on The Glee Project, who made his debut in Tuesday's episode and pretty much killed it singing KC and the Sunshine Band's "Boogie Shoes" in drag as his character's alterego, Unique, backed by Vocal Adrenaline. It was indeed fabulous. Bonus bonus shout-out for Harry Shum and Heather Morris, who I will watch dance to disco (or anything) all night, all day, all week...