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Glee's Will Schuester is dealing with a crazy wife who's faking a pregnancy, and a guidance counselor for whom he has feelings. Now a third gal is entering the mix.

Watch full episodes of Glee sat down with Matthew Morrison to find out which woman is wowed by the glee club teacher. Morrison also dishes on what will happen when Will finds out Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig) is not really pregnant, what's Sue Sylvester's next scheme and what's ahead for the glee club when they perform at sectionals.

Pregnancy problems: "Terri's doing a hell of a job at keeping it under wraps," says Morrison. "She won't let me touch her, she's playing the victim and stuff, so it's been very interesting. What she's doing, there's no redemption from, it's borderline criminal. Will is eventually going to find out that Terri is not pregnant; it's going to be quite the blow out. I would think he would leave her. ... I'd like to see him have a little bit of a backbone."

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Wedding stopper: Emma (Jayma Mays) and Ken will soon be heading down the aisle, ruining any chance for a relationship between Will and Emma. So does Will try to stop the nuptials? "I don't think so," Morrison says. "He's a standup guy. He's going to have a baby, the wedding just helps him refocus his energy on where he should be with Terri and his family to come."

New love interest for Will? "Rachel [Lea Michele] kind of has a crush on me for a little while. So I have to sing songs for her to keep her back. I think Will handles it well. We do a duet of 'Endless Love.'"

Finn's not a baby daddy: "I think it's going to be kind of a little parallel to Will. I think Finn [Cory Monteith] is going to blow up a little bit. You never know what's going to happen when someone's feelings get hurt on that level. He has so much invested in another human being coming, and to have that shattered ..."

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Glee club trouble: "Jane Lynch's character stirs the pot a lot, so she gets them in trouble for things that they really shouldn't be getting in trouble for. They're going to shoot a commercial for a mattress company. She's going to use that against them and say they're getting paid for stuff, and they shouldn't be getting paid."

Sectionals showdown: "The last episode is called 'Sectionals.' It's the best episode. It's the kids performing and not particularly winning maybe. Or if they do win, we have to start dealing with their celebrity; them at school thinking they're too hot because they won sectionals. We have regionals after sectionals, so we have a long way to go."

Matthew's favorite upcoming song: "I get to sing a mash-up of 'Don't Stand So Close to Me' by The Police, and it's mashed up with 'Young Girl,' by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.