Heather Morris Heather Morris

She plays Ditzy Glee cheerleader Brittany, who broke out from the back of the choral room with such quips as "Dolphins are just gay sharks." Overwhelming fan adoration led writers to delve further into Brittany's brain, and tonight at 8/7c on Fox, the glee club learns their clueless friend still believes in Santa. "It's my Christmas gift," beams Morris, 23. "The episode's such a good message for younger teens who take Christmas for granted."

Where you've seen her This is it. The Arizona-reared Morris was hired as a dancer with no expectations of getting a story line or even a last name. But this season she's danced it up with Britney Spears and revealed her character's full name to be Brittany S. Pierce. "There's nothing you can give her — comedy or emotional stuff — that she doesn't knock out of the park," raves executive producer Brad Falchuck. "She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe in that way." 

Why we love her Scenes like the one she just shot. "We go see Santa at the mall," says Morris. "Brittany is watching the elves and tells them, 'I don't understand the difference between an elf and a slave. You have rights!' I was dying laughing." While she has struggled to "juggle" Brittany's innocence with a wild bisexual looseness, she has managed to make the duality relatable. "I've figured out I'm like Tinker Bell — playful and quirky, but with this womanly body. It's weird."

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