Glee - Jessalyn Gilsig, Matthew Morrison Glee - Jessalyn Gilsig, Matthew Morrison

Will's (Matthew Morrison) wife Terri is drinking the crazy Kool-Aid on Glee.

After having a hysterical pregnancy, Terri fears Will may go astray with guidance counselor Emma (Jayma Mays). In a plan so ridiculous it could only be on Glee, Terri's sister, Kendra, tells her to fake the pregnancy and acquire a baby of her own. Good thing there's a knocked up cheerleader at school. Will her plan work?

Jessalyn Gilsig, who plays Terri, tells what schemes her character has in store, who she's teaming up with and why Glee is no High School Musical. Does Terri really go through with her plan to get Quinn's baby?
Jessalyn Gilsig: When Kendra tells Terry to do something, Terry does it. As crazy as Terri might be, she's actually pretty normal in the face of her sister. This is Kendra's brainchild, and she just trusts her implicitly. As long as Kendra tells her to drink this blood, she's going to drink it. This all comes to a head in the first 13 episodes.

Watch full episodes of Glee at our Online Video Guide Why is Terri lying to Will? Is she afraid to lose him?
Oh yeah. In so many ways, she's still in high school. You know how in high school you have those ridiculously hair-brained plans, like if I wear his sweater home, he'll have to call me because I have his sweater. I think Terri still lives in that world, where I can move the pieces in such a way to create a picture, and that will make it real. I don't think she's learned that you can actually just have open conversations and talk about your fears and ask for your needs to be met in a direct, compassionate way. I think she's still in high school and thinking whatever you do, just don't let anybody know that you don't know what you're doing. The fans want Will and Emma to get together. What lengths will Terri go to hang on to Will?
She's married and she loves him. Their communication is really weak and she's missing a lot of the skills for the marriage. She has no desire to lose him and she certainly doesn't have the desire to lose him to a redhead with a bob. She's like, "Look at me, I'm a cheerleader, why would he go to the redhead?" She'll do whatever she thinks she has to do. I'm sure there might be a better way, but whatever she thinks is the best way to keep him home — the longer he's home, the greater the chance that he's going to stay there. That's as far as her intellect takes her.

Check out the latest photos of Glee When do we get to see Terri lay the smackdown on Emma?  
Gilsig: That's funny, there's an episode called "Throw Down," but it doesn't actually happen then. It's coming, it's totally coming. There's a great episode where all of Will's worlds collide, and it's fun because there is a work self and a home self. Sometimes when your work and your home collide, it's really unsettling because you're not always the same person in both environments. He's really caught off guard, which of course [makes Terri feel] like she has the upper hand in the moment and [she] just relishes in making him as uncomfortable as possible. Is that when she becomes a school nurse?
Gilsig: Yes. She likes the uniform. It's awesome with a really cute coat. She definitely takes it on, but it's hard for her because it's a full-time job and it's more than obviously she can bear. She gives it a good fight, she tries. It seems Terri would get along great with Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) when she comes to school.
Gilsig: She does like her. Sue Sylvester and Terri have one thing in common, which is that they think that glee club is ruining their lives, and without it they could live to their potential. They're united in that vision. What's so great about Sue Sylvester is that she's completely career-minded, and everyone Terri gets involved with is based on emotion. That's where we clash because I'm talking about love and my husband and fighting for my marriage, and she's like, "Yeah, I just want to get rid of glee club and destroy it." They are united in their cause, but they're not really in sync with their approaches and their personalities.

Exclusive: Kristin Chenoweth is full of Glee Fans really love to hate Terri.
As long as you love to hate her, that's OK. It would be a different show if there weren't characters like Terri or Sue Sylvester, otherwise you'd be at Disneyland. It would be the happiest place on Earth. It would be High School Musical.
Exactly. You need us to bring everybody back to Earth and remind them that they're losers. That's what we're for. 

Should Will leave Terri for Emma?