Dianna Agron Dianna Agron

Heaven or New Haven? Where is Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) headed?

That's gotta be the burning question on the mind of Gleeks everywhere following Tuesday's winter finale. At the end of the episode, she was hit by a vehicle while rushing to Rachel and Finn's wedding. (And that's why you don't text and drive, kids!)

What do you think will happen to everyone's favorite celibate cheerleader-turned-teen mom-turned-pink-haired punk? The cliffhanger comes weeks after Quinn seemed to finally be getting herself on the right track following her disastrous baby snatching plan. She was even accepted to Yale.

Glee's promising road to graduation begins

Will Glee let her live to see graduation? Or will Mr. Schue and company be burying her in her newly returned Cheerios uniform come April 10 when the show returns from its hiatus?

If you're asking us, that hit looked pretty fatal, but this is Glee, so we're not ruling out any possibilities — not even Quinn the Friendly Ghost! — yet.

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