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Rocker Bruce Springsteen is still at the top of the Glee producers' list for future guest stars, E! Online reports.

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The Boss' name was first thrown around as a possible guest star last season. Although Springsteen hasn't appeared on the show, executive producer Ian Brennan

told E! he would still love to have him. And the part Brennan wants the musician to play? A motivational speaker.As for the more permanent fixtures on Fox's musical smash, Brennan continued to suggest Season 3 might be the end of the road for some of the show's characters, who will be high school seniors next year.

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"We aren't going to change the entire cast, but some of the cast will graduate," Brennan said. "I just think we would be missing a beat if we didn't acknowledge the fact that a huge part of high school is graduating from high school, and that's going to give us a lot of stuff to write to in Season 3."Every time we bring in a new character it's worked out really well; we've been very fortunate," Brennan continued. "We get to sort of start new — we get to bring in new characters and write new storylines So bringing in new characters will allow us a little more flexibility and will add to the longevity of the show."

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One of those new characters will come from Oxygen's The Glee Project, a new reality competition show premiering Sunday that gives contestants a chance to earn a role on Glee. "The reality show has cast a character that is very exciting," Brennan said. "I can't even tell you whether it's a guy or a girl, but we are very, very excited about the prospect of bring on this new person. ... This person coming onto the show is going to add a really, really, funny dynamic."What type of new characters do you want to see on Glee next year? And do you think Springsteen should guest-star?