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We know. With hundreds of numbers to choose from, the only appropriate reaction to such a list is: Only 10 best performances? Are there such things as "worst" Glee performances?

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Our omissions are even more stunning, but know they were mighty tough calls. "Somebody to Love" or "Keep Holding On"? There's only room for one power pop ballad that moves you to tears. Kurt, we salute your inspired "Single Ladies" moves, but that song wasn't so much sung as it was danced to. "Proud Mary" was so good, but in terms of jaw-dropping performances from Artie, we had to go with another.

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What did make the list? Mercedes, singing with supreme attitude; Rachel, doing Barbra justice; Vocal Adrenaline, clobbering New Directions; and plenty more candy for the eyes and ears. Less fun was choosing the least inspired performances. Quinn should never attempt Motown; Lauren should never sing, period; and sorry Puck, but we weren't too moved by your ode to Beth.

Without further cheerleading (or lamenting), click here to read the list! (Also, since "Don't Stop Believin'" is indisputably the greatest moment in the history of Glee, we agreed to leave it off and buy ourselves an extra "best" spot. Just go with it.)

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When you're done, feel free to tell us how right — and wrong — we were in the comments below. We can take it.

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