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Ready for things to get even more awkward between Jim and Callie on The Glades?

As if Callie's husband, Ray (Clayne Crawford), being released from jail isn't enough of a complication for their budding relationship, Jim's ex-partner and ex-girlfriend Detective Samantha Harper (Natalie Cigliuti) will drop by in Season 2 for a case, turning the love triangle into a quadrangle.

"[She represents] that one person who broke your heart — what happens if they come back and they're not going away?" Matt Passmore, who plays Jim, tells "And you have feelings for someone else, but they were that person. ... She'll be around for a while. He starts to start dealing with murder as a release to get away from this stuff that's going on."

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Making things even more difficult will be the fact that Callie ( Kiele Sanchez) will start working more closely on Jim's investigations. "What happens when your partner/lover/ex ... is in your workplace?" Passmore says. "There are a lot of obstacles between these guys."Check out the video below to see what else Passmore has to say about his old flame and why Season 2 will be "deeper, darker, quirkier."Season 2 of

The Glades premieres Sunday at 10/9c on A&E.