Kiele Sanchez, The Glades Kiele Sanchez, The Glades

Was Jim and Callie's beer date on The Glades last week the start of a new beginning?

"Yes, definitely," Kiele Sanchez, who plays Callie, tells "I think it's the perfect time for them to start over. They were misconnecting and miscommunicating what it is that they really wanted. They weren't on the same page at all, but now they are and I think you see that this week."

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Surprisingly, Callie — who still has yet to file for divorce from Ray ( Clayne Crawford) —  seems to be the one who's the most ready to hit the reset button with Jim (

Matt Passmore) on Sunday's episode (10/9c, A&E) when they hit the swamp after finding a vet's body parts in a dead boar. As has been the case most of the season, they start bickering yet again about their status. But this fight ends very differently after Callie implies Jim could be the love of her life, as seen in this exclusive clip:
"It's funny because Clifton [Collins, the creator] and I go back and forth on this. When we talked about it in the past, he was like, 'Well, Jim's kinda like a rebound.' I'm like, 'What?!'" Sanchez says. "When I read things like [her saying he could be the love of her life], I'm like, "Yes, I won!" I think she's honest in what she says. It was really hard for her to trust and believe and act on the feelings she was feeling — like this could be the person for me."So how did she finally reach this point? With Jim's ex-girlfriend, Sam (Natalia Cigliuti), back in Chicago, the third wheel is out of the picture — Ray being in Witness Protection, notwithstanding. "His old girlfriend came into town! For me, I was like, 'That's not cool!'" Sanchez says. "It was hurtful, but I think Callie had to realize that she was dragging her feet for some reason with Ray, so she had a hand in making space for Sam to come back and fill that for Jim. Instead of just being upset or hurt, she's seeing her part in it now and is willing to start over."But don't think she'll be serving Ray with divorce papers just yet. Though Sanchez sympathizes with fans' impatience over the dithering, the actress understands Callie's hesitation in breaking the news to her son, Jeff (Uriah Shelton), whom she thinks just views Jim as a friend of the family.

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"There's a lot of guilt I think mothers in that situation feel. In taking care of myself, am I really taking care of my family when it seems like my family wants to be together and I'm the only one saying it won't work? Even though she's justified in that Ray was not a great husband and father," Sanchez says. "And Jeff loves his dad. He doesn't even put two and two together that there could be something romantic between his mom and Jim! ... I think a lot of boys in that situation get a little Oedipal. They get protective of the mom. I don't know what's going to happen when he realizes."Sanchez, 33, is equally in the dark when it comes to Jim and Callie's long-term future. The show shot two different endings for the season finale, which airs in two weeks. In it, Callie is forced to make a decision that could determine whether she and Jim stay together or not."The choice is in moving into the next chapter of her life — is that with Jim or is that in a different direction?" Sanchez says. "I definitely have my preference — I'm hoping for the happy ending — but it's Clifton's world and we're just living in it! I bet I can probably find out before [it airs], but I probably will watch and find out like everyone else."Watch another clip from Sunday's episode: