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How do Giuliana and Bill Rancic make sure their relationship avoids the reality show curse? The36-year-old E! News anchor says the key is a having strong foundation.

"For a lot of these people who have fallen victim to the reality show curse, it was a matter of time... and reality shows accelerate it," she says.

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When Rancic isn't starring on Style network's Giuliana and Bill or reporting the latest celebrity news, she doles out fashion advice on E!'s Fashion Police. She says you don't have to splurge like a celeb to have good style.

"In your bag at work, always have a big great statement necklace and you don't have to spend a lot of money. They transform an outfit so instantly," she says.

Watch the video interview below.

Giuliana Rancic Shares Hot Fashion Trends

Giuliana Rancic shares her thoughts on the reality series "curse" and what fashion trends she loves right now.|Giuliana & Bill|Giuliana Rancic|