Giuliana Rancic Giuliana Rancic

Being a fashion critic can be tough, especially when you regularly see the  famous folks you've panned.

"[My] most embarrassing [moment] was slamming Tina Fey's dress on the Fashion Police and then seeing her the next week at a different award show," E! host Giuliana Rancic tells "She walked up and goes, 'Weren't you one of the people who took a steaming dump, those were her words, on my dress last week?'"

VIDEO: Giuliana Rancic shares how she avoids the reality show curse

Rancic, who visited the studios while promoting Excedrin's "What's Your Headache?" contest, at least had some good news to share: Her Style network reality series Giuliana and Bill has been renewed.

"Last season was super emotional [with] our quest to have a baby, but this season is the year of fun, as my husband calls it," Rancic says. "It's all about doing what we couldn't do if we had a baby."

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