Bill and Giuliana Bill and Giuliana

Reality TV has a robust track record when it comes to breaking up marriages, but Bill and Giuliana Rancic think they have the key to a happy ending with their new series Giuliana & Bill (premieres Wednesday, 9/8 CT, Style). "It's real and fun and positive," Giuliana tells "It's not dirty, it's not negative. There's no faking these dirty fights that a lot of these shows are doing now." The series, spawned from their wedding special, follows the E! anchor and her Apprentice winner/real estate mogul hubby as they navigate their long-distance marriage: The couple splits time between Giuliana's L.A. home and Bill's in Chicago. In fact, they didn't even own a home together during their first year of marriage. Find out how they make it work, when they'll have kids and more. Let's get it out of the way: Why do a reality show when there's a curse out there?

Bill: Yeah, I mean, that probably wasn't the next step in my career. [Laughs] We certainly looked at all the curses, who we are as people and we just said, "Let's do it." It's just another adventure and that's the theme of our marriage. If we don't like it, we don't have to do it after the first season.
Giuliana: That first episode we did, we were not so happy. I said, "Oh, you said that about me?" [He said,] "You said that about me?" Most couples don't have the luxury, or it's probably a curse, of seeing their spouse roll their eyes behind their backs. We go through what a lot of couples go through, only we see it on TV. After that first episode, we said, "If anyone can do it, we can do it." To be honest, it's almost worked in our favor. It's like therapy because we watch ourselves. You guys hardly lived together your first year of marriage. How did you discuss that prior to your wedding?
Giuliana: It was a deal. Bill loves Chicago and he's never moving out of Chicago. I got renewed with E! for another three years and that was a big conversation because we were hoping I'd come out sooner... so we go back and forth. What's great is we're always newlyweds. Young people always say, "Wow, I can't believe you guys do that." Older people always say, "You have a long-distance relationship? God, I wish I had that." They tell us we probably nailed the secret. In the premiere, you settle disagreements with bets. Is that usually what you do?
Giuliana: Pretty much! Our show's very positive. All these shows about couples and families have scandal and are about cussing each other out. I mean, most couples aren't like that. Most couples want to be happy, so that's why we hope our show will appeal to a lot of people because it's not poison. What's coming up in the season? I hear there's flying involved.
Yes. I'm a pilot-in-training. I attempt to get her go up in the plane with me and she has a tremendous fear of flying, but I have to help her overcome her fear. It didn't quite turn out as I expected. And I try to win her parents over so I hire an Italian tutor. The Italian family is not an easy circle of trust to break through. You talk about having children a lot, so when will that happen?
I'll put it in sports terminology: We pulled the goalie from the net.
Giuliana: [Laughs] It could happen at any time. Matthew, my assistant, who is on the show, is here with us and he's our son for now. He is very anti-children.
Bill: He doesn't want to be a manny. ... It'll take away from the attention [he gets]. Your two-year anniversary is coming up. What are your plans?
Oh, great question! No one's asked us that yet! What are our plans, Bill?
Bill: It'll be a surprise for my beautiful wife.
Giuliana: Does it have to do with getting in a small airplane?
Bill: No propeller. Any airplane you get on from here on out will have jet engines.