The Season 6 premiere of Girls features a very special guest star: Riz Ahmed, best known for Star Wars: Rogue One and another HBO series, The Night Of, which shows a very different New York City than the one inhabited by the girls (and boys) of Girls.

Riz Ahmed and Lena Dunham, <em>Girls</em>Riz Ahmed and Lena Dunham, Girls

Ahmed plays Paul-Louis ("one name, like the French"), a surfing instructor Hannah (Lena Dunham) meets while on a reporting assignment at a surf school in Montauk, Long Island. Hannah is drawn to Paul-Louis because he's everything she is not: carefree, open-minded, nice. Plus, like Riz MC in real life, he's great at rapping. What could go wrong?

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Eventually Hannah realizes that Paul-Louis is just as oblivious and self-absorbed as the other men in her life. Still, he teaches her a very important lesson, and his influence is going to have a presence in Hannah's life this season, even if he doesn't.

Girls premieres Sunday, Feb. 12 at 10/9c on HBO.

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