Lena Dunham Lena Dunham

Everyone's favorite Girls are back — and feeling as angsty as ever, if the new trailer for the show's second season is any indication.

Hannah (Lena Dunham) has moved in with her ex-boyfriend-turned-gay best friend Eli (Andrew Rannells) after apparently trading in her boyfriend Adam (Adam Driver) for a tiny dog or two. But Adam's not going down without a fight (i.e. sending Hannah videos of him singing torch songs, shirtless).

Jessa (Jemima Kirke) is still married to the venture capitalist, played by Chris O'Dowd, whom she and Marnie met in the Season 1 finale. Marnie (Allison Williams) is still hooking up with Booth (Jorma Taccone), and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) and Ray (Alex Karpovsky) appear to have taken their friendship to the next level.

Check out the trailer for yourself below. Are you looking forward to more Girls? 

Season 2 of Girls premieres Sunday, Jan. 13 at 9/8c.