The marketing campaign for the new season of Girls has made it seem like Adam Sackler (newly minted Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens big shot Adam Driver) is only minimally involved — if at all. We're here to tell you that this is an intentional misdirect: Adam is just as much of a disruptive presence as he's ever been. He's just not hanging out with Hannah (Lena Dunham) anymore. In fact, this season, he's spending a lot of time with a friend of hers.

In the first episode, Adam does something that will shock fans at first, but upon further reflection, they might be like, "Yeah, I get it."

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"I'm dying to see how people react to it," executive producer Jenni Konner tells Konner says that the decision to have Adam go down this road was really hard for her personally, because she was afraid it meant she could never like some of her characters again.

Yikes! As is often the case with Girls, things are going to get real messy — and Adam's actions may alter one friendship forever.

Watch the Girls Season 5 trailer below.

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