Reggie Hayes and Keesha Sharp, <EM>Girlfriends</EM> Reggie Hayes and Keesha Sharp, Girlfriends

Poor William Dent. For the last six years, Girlfriends' main man has been chronically unlucky in love. First, his cop fiancée Yvonne left him at the altar. Then his gold-digging girlfriend Monica ditched him in Italy. And finally, nurse's aide Donna dumped him because she thought he was in love with his best friend, Joan. (She was right, though the Joan thing didn't work out.)

But that's all water under love's bridge. On Feb. 19, the sole male player on Team Girlfriends celebrates his overdue wedding to Monica, the ex his friends can't stand. "It's about time," jokes Reggie Hayes, who plays the lovestruck lawyer. "A guy like William would want to get married. Probably to someone just like Monica."

William and "Mon-Mon" (as Joan calls her) are a perfectly matched odd pair. He's a corny mama's boy who joins Joan in way-over-the-top holiday festivities. Monica, played by Keesha Sharp, is a serious taskmaster who stands behind her man — the better to push him to succeed. Naturally, their wedding is a swank affair. "When I walked in I was like, 'Oh, my gosh!' " Sharp says of the wedding reception held at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, a popular Los Angeles banquet hall. "It reminded me of something I would see on Oprah. It was decorated with a lot of creams, beautiful roses. Just really gorgeous."

"It was nice. And weird," says Hayes, who admits he had "anxious issues" surrounding the 12-hour shoot (which happened on one of the coldest days in L.A. history). A bachelor in real life, Hayes went through a brief cad phase after Girlfriends debuted in 2000. "At first [dating a lot] was cool, like Thanksgiving," he says. "But then I was like, there's no way I can eat this much. I started feeling like a pig." Now "almost 40," he says he doesn't think he'll ever tie the knot. "I'm set in my ways. I'm gonna be one of those crazy people who lives through their characters so I don't have to get married."

This brings us back to William's big day. As you could guess, it isn't all kisses and bliss. "Well, you know what it's like when you've been drinking champagne all day long," Hayes explains. "You put your foot in your mouth sometimes." That's exactly what William does when he stands to give a toast, thanking buddy Darnell for helping him through months of doubt — when he thought marrying Monica was "the biggest mistake of his life."

It wouldn't be Girlfriends if Joan and her sister circle didn't try to help. But their male-bashing pep talk flips out the usually cool Monica. What then? We won't spoil it. Let's just say even newlyweds need their girlfriends.

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