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The girlfriend of Michael Douglas' son is accused of smuggling heroin to him in an electric toothbrush while he was being held under home detention on drug charges in New York, court papers show.

A security guard overheard Cameron Douglas requesting a toothbrush on Monday, which his girlfriend, Kelly Sott, delivered to him later that day with other items, according to a federal complaint. The guard opened the battery compartment of the toothbrush and found "a brownish substance that appeared to be heroin," the complaint said. A field test showed it was about seven grams of heroin.

News: Michael Douglas' son arrested on meth-dealing charge

When Sott was arrested at a New York hotel room, she said that she was unaware of the toothbrush's contents, but a search of her room uncovered glassines with what appeared to be heroin, suspected crystal methamphetamine and marijuana, the papers said.Douglas, who has acted alongside his father, was arrested last month on a methamphetamine-dealing charge.