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Ginnifer Goodwin Says Why Women Kill Might Be Too Dark for Once Upon a Time Fans

The younger fans should definitely wait a few years

Lindsay MacDonald

Once Upon a Time fans would probably follow Ginnifer Goodwin off a cliff if it came down to it, but should they follow her to her new CBS All Access drama, Why Women Kill? The answer is a hard... maybe.

Goodwin spoke to a small group of reporters at the Television Critics Association about her dark new drama, and as it turns out, she thinks it may, in fact, be a little too dark for some Once Upon a Time fans.

"I think the younger viewers should wait quite some time. I only realized the other day when my mother told me that she showed my grandmother, who's in her late 90s, the trailer, it was the first time that I had thought about the fact that maybe even my mother and grandmother should not see some of these episodes," she said.

"It's the kind of show that I would binge-watch, which is why I wanted to be on it," the actress continued. "I was really hungry to be on something that I would kill to watch if I weren't part of it -- I'll still binge-watch even though I'm part of it. The darker elements may be a lot for the Once Upon a Time fans because we're going to go pretty gross."

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The younger viewers should definitely steer clear for a few years as the show deals in dark, violent, and sexual subject matter -- if you're expecting Goodwin to ride off into the sunset with Prince Charming, you've got the wrong show! However, the adult viewers who fell in love with Storybrooke and its citizens may want to take a closer look at binging this new show.

The one common thread that ties the two series together is complex female characters who take command of the narrative in compelling and often shocking ways. If you loved Regina's sharp tongue or Emma's no-nonsense confidence, you might find a few characters that pull you in when you watch Why Women Kill. Or, if you just loved the original Grimms' fairy tales, you'll definitely dig this "gross" new series, as Goodwin puts it.

Why Women Kill premieres Thursday, Aug. 15 on CBS All Access.

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​Ginnifer Goodwin, Why Women Kill

Ginnifer Goodwin, Why Women Kill