Gilmore Girls
The first time I saw this ep, I was all about Luke taking care of a sick Paul Anka (the pooch, not the singer) in the middle of the night. Woke up the vet. Sat with the dog as he puked for an hour. Held a bowl of water for him to drink. Made him scrambled eggs for breakfast. This coming from a guy who thinks dogs "have fleas and malaria on them." Yep, that's love. But now I see the deeper meaning in his overnight ordeal. Swap the dog for a child (the real reason Lorelai got Paul Anka in the first place), and Luke's just proven what a great father he'll be one day. But I'm not sure Lorelai was paying close enough attention. Especially since she's been particularly preoccupied lately with entertaining the carpenters (they saw her

naked?), relentlessly grilling Paris for Rory info (like the girl pays attention to anyone but herself) and putting off a wedding date (she can't even choose a cake filling?). Is there even any room for Luke? We know that they'll eventually get back on track, but is this a hint that we should be worried? Let's hope not.