Gilmore GirlsHe can riff and banter with the best of Stars Hollow, but Mr. Ladies-Love-Logan missed out on the mother of all pop-culture references: "But we were on a break!" What up, Huntzberger? Too cool to channel your inner Ross Gellar? I was hoping Rory would be the one to make the Friends reference. (I love TV shout-outs. I'm hoping for a little Sopranos

love once Season 6 starts up.) But that would have been funny. And, really, what's so funny about your boyfriend shagging half the bridal party? Even less funny: sending Rory right into that pretty little shark tank. The really, really disgusting part? Logan actually pretended to loathe those "moronic bridesmaids." I won't sit here and do a total told-you-so, 'cause that would be just plain smug and obnoxious. I could complain about Luke and Lorelai. When are those two going to click again? She had more chemistry with 3-year-old Hurricane Gigi. And he seemed more at ease with Lane passing plates at the diner. But I'd rather celebrate Zack's proposal. (Finally! Those two have long been the best couple in the S.H.) Looks like the diner is the place to pop the question! And let's not forget the genius that was Sebastian Bach's speed-metal "Hava Nagila." (Oy vey, was that hilarious!) Hep Alien is back, baby! And they're available for weddings! But something tells me they won't be getting a call from Lorelai anytime soon. Cheer up, Lor. You've always got Paul Anka.