Lauren Graham, <EM>Gilmore Girls</EM> Lauren Graham, Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls
OK, I am going to just come out with it: I hate the dress. It's too foofy and too frilly, and I'm not really not sure about the white... sorry, blush silk-and-tulle-with-crystals-and-a-really-big-sash part. Miss Boho Hip in a traditional wedding gown? Please. It just doesn't fit. (I kinda liked Sookie's barefoot wedding-on-the-beach idea, but that's probably too Renee-and-Kenny for Lorelai.) That said, I absolutely loved everything else about this episode. Who else but Lorelai Gilmore would wait eight years to fall in love with Luke, plan their entire wedding in one day, then obsess that it was so right it had to be wrong? (Genius domino effect: The strapless dress led to summer flowers to matching invitations to a coffee break to the picture on the wall of the rose-covered church that happened to be right around the corner with the perfect reception room to Pastor Todd to his sister's catering business approved by Sookie. All on sale! June 3!

Done!) Do we believe the signs? There was snow falling outside Lorelai's bedroom window. (And Anna's, too.) But he still hasn't told her. (Did you see next week's teaser?) My favorite moments? Mr. Loves-the-Ladies Logan professing those three little words in front of Rory's sketchy apartment? Crazy-strict Mrs. Kim doing vodka shots with Lane at her kitchen table? Cool-hand Luke insisting he has regular contact with his long-lost daughter? Hard to choose the one. But I am going to go with Rory's mandatory and first-ever therapy session, when a few little reminders (dropping out of Yale, stealing a yacht, the name Logan) sent her sobbing through two boxes of tissues. "He told me he loved me! Nothing for weeks! And now he loves me! Is he serious? What, do I get another Birkin bag?" No, just a lot more therapy, 'cause it's breakthrough time! I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of that going around.