Millions may be too engrossed in American Idol's Hollywood auditions to notice Gilmore Girls marking its 100th episode tonight (8 pm/ET, WB). And that's a damn shame because Emily and Richard Gilmore's wedding — well, technically, renewal of vows — will be a major blowout event. In honor of this milestone occasion, TV Guide Online's Daniel R. Coleridge rang up GG's sassy creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, for the exclusive prenuptial scoop on the Gilmore family f&#234te, Lorelai's love triangle, Rory's revolving-door of BFs and much more!

Mother-daughter clashExpect testosterone-driven drama to erupt tonight between Lorelai's current beau, Luke, and her ex, Christopher, whom Emily specifically invites to the wedding to derail her daughter's romance. Just when we thought Emily had turned semi-nice! "In life, you never solve your family issues," Sherman-Palladino says. "You take a few steps forward and feel like 'We're communicating better!' Then something happens and you're like, 'Why didn't I see that coming? It

always happens this way!' I like our show to reflect that. For all her horribleness, Emily firmly believes that Lorelai's life would be better and not as hard if she'd listen to her. But her tactics are insane. At the same time, Lorelai's defense mechanism of shutting down isn't the best way to deal with her mother. While we wanted a fancy, flowery ceremony, we also wanted this 100th episode to be a very Gilmore story — it's about how Lorelai and Emily see Lorelai's life in completely different terms. By the end of the show, they're firmly back in their estranged battleground."

How long will Christopher stick around?"Christopher will be here for the wedding, then he'll be gone for a while," Sherman-Palladino says. "He'll show up for another couple of episodes around May. Whenever we feel like Lorelai's life is getting too good, we give Christopher a call. He's always gonna be Rory's dad and he's always gonna be in love with Lorelai, so he remains a complication in her life."

Logan's runRory currently has the eye of Logan (Matt Czuchry), but since her arrival at Yale, the belle of Stars Hollow has been significantly less confident when it comes to dating. Is Miss Gilmore — who used to have guys fightin' over her just like Mom — losing her mojo? "She's never had to work hard for a man — Dean and Jess fell at her feet," Sherman-Palladino explains. "Logan is not a little boy. He's got his own demons and baggage, but he's a man, and Rory's never dated a man. Plus, she has this workhouse mentality, while he's more wild and living in the moment. He's also not following her around like a puppy, which is a more interesting place to take her."

A note on Rory's moralsEver since she hooked up with the very-married Dean, some fans have been fretting for her virtue. Chill out, people, she's hardly destined for unwed teenage motherhood like Lorelai. "Since Rory's away from the safety of home, she's experiencing the growing pains of making her own life decisions and dealing with the consequences," GG's head scribe says. "Rory's a little off-kilter now. That started with the Dean thing. But we wanted to take Rory down that road without having her wake up after a party without her underwear on. That wasn't a slam at Veronica Mars, I like that show. [Laughs] But we're not interested in that for our Rory. There's only so many levels of trashy we can go to with our two scarlet women, Rory and Lorelai. They're scarlet... with maybe a touch of puce."

So what about Dean?After news of their adulterous tryst broke in Stars Hollow, Rory's renewed romance with Dean quickly soured. But is the lanky, mop-topped hottie really so yesterday? "Dean is sort of in the past," Sherman-Palladino teases. "I think he's going to come back for about three episodes toward the end of the season. We'll always bring back Jared Padalecki because I love him. But actually, the story we're bringing him back for has a lot more impact on Luke than it does on Rory."

What about Jess?Don't look for Milo Ventimiglia back in Stars Hollow anytime soon. "Jess is gone. He's on American Dreams," quips Sherman-Palladino teases. "Milo showed up at our 100th episode cake-cutting ceremony with these wild sideburns. He's playing this '60s rebel guy. He doesn't look at all like the sweet little boy I remember."

New character alert!Scoop! Sherman-Palladino reveals she's thisclose to signing a big-name star to join GG as a new regular, but she doesn't want to jinx it by naming names yet. So for now, we'll settle for scoop on the character. "This woman is a trophy wife, slightly older than Lorelai, who comes from Emily and Richard's social world," she says. "She married a much older man who died and left her everything. Now she wants to do something important and be more than just beautiful. So she comes to Emily for advice on opening a major museum in Hartford. Basically, she's saying, 'Can you teach me to be you?' Emily finally has a daughter figure who wants to be like her, so the plan is for this character to cause more conflict in Emily and Lorelai's relationship."