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Gillian Anderson X-Files Hair Scandal! Why Is She Wearing a Wig?

The truth is out there!

Jessica Roy

The truth is out there!

Photos have been coming from the set of the X-Files reboot (including the one above), and fans have noticed a major discrepancy: Gillian Anderson's hair is strawberry blonde, not its signature bright red.

She spoke to Entertainment Weekly about whether there's a major alien-related conspiracy brewing behind her bold hair decision. In short: No.

"There's a big dialogue about my f---ing hair," she said. "I appreciate [the fans'] enthusiasm, but goodness me!"

Basically, she has to film the next season of The Fall right after she does the new X-Files episodes. On The Fall, her hair is blonde. If she dyed it Scully Red and then back to blonde, it would all fall out. Evidently, that already started happening when she was filming Season 1 of The Fall with Jamie Dornan. So for now, she's rocking a wig.

Mulder and Scully are reunited and it feels so good

But she wants to slowly dye it back to red eventually -- a process she says is a painful one.

"I want all the fans to know that I'm suffering for the red!" she said.

The X-Files returns to Fox in January. Will you tune in for the new episodes?

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