Gigolos Gigolos

Former 21 Jump Street star-turned-reality producer Richard Grieco tells me Showtime has picked up a third season of his Vegas-set Gigolos and will start shooting this month — but one guy has been sacked after growing too big for his britches (so to speak). Unfortunately, it's the hot guy.

"The one who is definitely out is Jimmy [Clabots]," reports Richard, who's also considering phasing out Vin Armani (no argument from me there: zzzz). "The show is called Gigolos, not The Jimmy Show. Jimmy got off on a tangent in his personal life, and we don't need that. If he makes amends, we'll see, but as far as I'm concerned, he's done."

That leaves tattooed Nick Hawk, tan man Brace Land and strange Steven Gantt, who are in for a big surprise — Richard wants one to go gay for pay! "We have to," Richard says. "We're going to entertain all avenues next season." Brace, brace yourself!  

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