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While A Gifted Man is rooted in medicine, it's also about twists of fate, executive producer Neal Baer says.

"We all think about those moments in our lives that stand out where serendipity, synchronicity, fate — whatever you want to call it — intervened," he says. "The show really explores those moments in our lives that can change everything."

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In the premiere, renowned neurosurgeon Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson

) reunites with ex-wife Anna (Jennifer Ehle). He soon finds out she's dead and that he's been interacting with a ghost. Michael is then tasked with continuing the work she had started at a low-income clinic. Holt's practice "has everything one needs, every test, every piece of equipment and every gizmo and gadget. The clinic his wife ran doesn't even have an X-ray machine. So can you give the same kind of medical care? No," Baer says.Anna's arrival not only brings on a new set of dilemmas as Michael goes back-and-forth between the two clinics, but forces him to dig deep into why he's been so closed off in life, a big reason the pair got divorced.  "He has a lot of emotional and personal issues about why he's built this beautiful wall around himself that we'll be exploring," Baer adds.

CBS' A Gifted Man will explore the upstairs-downstairs, science vs. faith sides of medicine

While Baer, who executive-produced ER, acknowledges that the series certainly has the "pace and pathos" of a medical series, he believes the supernatural aspect will draw people in. "It has this twist of looking at the world in a different way, and thinking about our pasts, and turns we've taken that I hope people will respond to."A Gifted Man premieres Friday on 8/7c on CBS.